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3 Benefits of GPS Tracker Apart From Finding Your Location

Global positioning system is the strong tracking device that offers satellite tracking services that are extensively used in both commercial and personal applications. Apart from location tracking, the GPS has wide range of benefits that has every possibility to enhance the small business model to the next higher level. Here is what you need to know about the 3 different benefits of using GPS tracker apart from finding the location.

Efficiency – It is important to bear in mind that being on time for any meeting with potential strategic partners or foreign delegates gives the best impression at the first glance. So while planning for any business travel to unfamiliar places it is always best to follow the GPS in order to find the quickest route to reach the destinations on time. Asking for directions or attempting to reroute can waste the time that has a direct and negative impacts on the company’s revenue. So business authorities should never risk themselves during any important meetings or discussions. Relying on GPS trackers can make the travellers to reach the correct destination on time.

Control – With the help of GPS tracker the trucking companies and cargo delivery services can ensure that the vehicles given for salesperson and other employees are exclusively used only for business purposes. This tracking device assures that the field personnel do not take advantage of using the company’s asset and it also thwart the loss of company’s revenue.

Appropriate Planning – GPS tracker is one of the essential tools for pre- planning routes before taking up the trip. Appropriate planning is best for entrepreneurs and other employees who tend to travel to any new destinations. Through GPS tracker one can find the easiest and quickest route with the coverage distance and review well in advance so that the travellers could feel comfortable and confident while travelling.

Having installed the GPS tracker in the vehicle assures to offer the safe and hassle-free travel even in unfamiliar destinations. Apart from pinpointing the location of the vehicles the GPS tracker ensures to play a vital role right from planning the travel to increase the productivity of the company.

3 Simple Reasons Why Your Business Needs GPS Trackers

Though a well-established or small business organization never mind, both can be equally benefitted by installing a powerful global positioning system (GPS) tracker. Especially for company who are dealing with transportation business can have a direct impact on every aspect of the company right from the quality control to company’s profit.Cargo deliverycompany, and cab services which makes use of the vehicle or fleet of vehicles can be highly benefited by this GPS tracker which is being the strong device in keeping track of the vehicle’s location and thus results in timely services to their clients. Mentioned below are 3 simple reasons as to why your business needs GPS trackers.

Bring downs the fuel billsGPS tracker fitted vehicles can effectively lower the company’s fuel bills. Before taking up the trip the driver can make use of the tracker in advance to find out the shortest route to reach the client’s place on time. This could really make the driver to plan in a systematic way in order to avoid any unwanted diversions that could really help in avoiding delays. While the gas prices spiking through the roof, the GPS fitted vehicles endeavours to bring down the fuel costs and improves but cutting down the unnecessary longer routes.

Employee’s safety – Even though the driver is well-trained in appropriate road conduct, the GPS tracker helps the driver to take safer route rather than getting rerouted by his own assumptions, sometimes which might end up with hazardous results. Enhancing the employee’s safety which in turn saves some serious fortune for the company is yet another important advantage of using the GPS tracker.

Maintains the goodwill of the company – Every manager in the company strives hard to organize everything in a well-structured manner and handle it efficiently. Constant update of the location is very crucial for the cargo delivery business and most importantly the managers have to keep them updated with the vehicle’s location in order to report the clients. The GPS tracker guarantees to provide real-time locations of the everyvehicle that in turn helps the manager to update the client with timely status. This simple tracking system really aids to maintain the goodwill of the company.

Most importantly themanagers in the transportation company need to have a continual touch with their drivers to receive timely update about their locations which can ensure to complete things swiftly and effectively. Strong devices like GPS tracker assures to speed up the working process and attempts to deliver maximum end results.

Things to consider to choose the Best Car Tracking Devices in Philippines

With the market in Philippines flooded by car tracking devices, it is important to make the right choice. A poor choice of tracking devices will not only be a waste of time and money, it will offer a false sense of security, while actually not offering any safety to the vehicle or occupants. Identifying the right car tracking device in Philippines is definitely not an arduous task. It involves looking for and looking at features that are necessary and the recurring costs involved in the use of the tracking devices. Here are important points worth considering to select the best car tracking devices in Philippines.

Recurring costs towards software and subscriptions

It is important to choose a device that does not require installation of complicated software that requires monthly updates or renewal of subscription fees or licenses etc.  Having to dish out an amount every month will not only be a drain of income, it is fraught with the risk of disconnection if you forget to make the renewal on time. It is best to choose a service that does not require any subscription fees or renewal of licenses. A hassle free system like the cellular based GPS tracking device is definitely a good choice. All that is required is a working SIM card of an operator of your choice and you will receive updates.

Offline functionality for tracking during internet downtime

The purpose of a GPS tracker is to offer constant and real time information on location. Internet downtime should not affect monitoring. Choose a GPS tracker that offers monitoring even when internet downtime is experienced.  Some of the more reputed models of GPS trackers come with inbuilt facilities that switch over to SMS mode to update locations when internet connectivity is down. This makes it easy to be fully aware of the location of the vehicle at all times.

Location data in an easy to interpret format

Not everyone is equipped to read a map like a trained soldier based on coordinates. Choose a GPS tracker that offers location information in a format that is easy to understand without having to constantly zoom in and out and get a sense of the location. Manufacturers of advanced GPS tracking devices offer mapping with landmarks to help users understand information on locations better and faster.

Personal GPS Tracker – To Know Where Your Loved One Is

Nothing is far more important than a loved one. Relationships are priceless and the individuals in the relations care strongly for each other unconditionally. This makes it necessary to be aware of the location of your near and dear ones, especially if your loved ones are travelling to far and out of town locations. The use of the term tracking or monitoring is more of a misnomer in such a situation, and is actually an attempt to be aware so as to render assistance if necessary. Here are features of a personal GPS tracker that will help you to be aware of the exact location of the people you care for dearly.

Miniature sized personal GPS trackers

Miniature sized personal GPS trackers permit you to track the exact location of the device and the wearer. The system does not actually require active internet coverage. Works on mobile telephony signals which typically cover all locations in a powerful and failsafe grid. The GPS trackers offer real time updates of present location and also offer advanced features such as zone crossing alarms, and speeding alarms.

Conveniently monitor the location on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs

The location of the device can be conveniently tracked on mobile devices, smartphones, laptops, tablets and PCs. With the installation of proprietary software that makes integration easy, it is possible to discern the precise location, without having to be an expert in map reading. The landmarks feature in combination with other features permit the user to easily distinguish locations without confusion.

Direct feed of signals and SMS, with no additional recurring costs

Some of the models of personal GPS trackers come attractively priced. Dispensing with the need for recurring costs, these personal GPS trackers involve only a onetime cost. This feature is possible due to the reliance on mobile signals for operation unlike internet data or dedicated signals. The seamless delivery of SMS alerts regarding zone crossing alarms, high speed and SOS signals directly to devices without routing it through servers ensures that delivery of information is faster.

GPS Vehicle Tracker – How It May Help You

GPS vehicle trackers offer better management of fleets and personal vehicles. The advances in technology have made GPS trackers sophisticated with features that drive away a lot of apprehensions. The need to have updated information on a real time basis of the actual location of a vehicle is fully met by a GPS tracker that works on cellular technology. Additionally, a GPS tracker helps vehicle owners to monitor other important aspects of the vehicle either during motion or when it is stationary. This makes the GPS tracker a wonderful device to have onboard a vehicle. Here is a closer look at some of the features of a GPS tracker.

Fleet management system permitting authorized access of information from multiple locations

Managers of fleets often have to disseminate information about the precise location of vehicles to multiple entities. A GPS tracker offers automated updation of location on multiple devices that are authorized to receive the information. This dispenses with the need for manually informing multiple resources.  Information on a real time basis is provided to users, which makes it easy to plan and handle the movement of consignments or vehicles.

Anti theft features

It is important to safeguard the vehicle from any theft attempts. Even the most policed state in the world will most likely witness a large number of attempts or thefts of vehicles. It is therefore necessary to install devices that prevent and intimate owners regarding attempts to steal vehicles. GPS trackers have additional features such as motion and ignition detection, apart from a power cut alarm. This warns owners of suspicious activity. Depending on the nature of the alarm, the features provided in the software permit owners to power off the vehicles remotely and immobilize them.

Speed control without having to rely on speed governors

While speed governors are useful devices, they may at times come in the way of emergencies.  With GPS tracking devices it is possible to be aware of the speed at which your cars are driven by drivers or others in the family. With this information it is possible to warn or inform the drivers to cut down on speed, thereby effectively improving the safety of the occupants of the vehicle. Alternatively, it permits owners to take necessary action to replace errant drivers.

Top 3 Reasons to Install GPS Trackers

GPS trackers have transformed vehicles into markers offering vital real time information to owners and organizations. The technology in GPS trackers have rested apprehensions of owners and organizations who now get to know many details that give them greater ability to safeguard occupants or assets in the vehicles. With real time updates being flashed on mobile devices or other computing devices, it is now possible for owners to have a minute by minute update, permitting fleet managers to pass on information regarding movement to clients. Of the many compelling reasons for installation of GPS trackers three are profiled here.

Updates for fleet managers to know of precise location of shipment

GPS trackers permit fleet managers of logistics companies to be aware of the precise locations of vehicles and the consignments. This allows the managers to pass on real time updates and ETA of consignment to the addressee or client. This is of great value to logistics companies that are involved in transshipment operations. It gives organizations the power to co-ordinate the movements effectively so as to prevent loss of unwanted operational expenses. The features of GPS trackers permit monitoring of movement by different authorized devices, making it easy for better co-ordination.

Updates on movement of personal vehicles in areas and routes that are off bounds or different from routine

Personal vehicles driven by employees for a specific purpose, such as picking up or dropping off a kid at a location, are ideally intended to follow a particular route. A route chosen by the driver that is unusually different and far away from the destination is cause for concern. A GPS tracker will instantly update the owner regarding the suspicious route taken, permitting the owner to launch intervention measures. Certain locations may be off bounds and undesirable. Movement of personal vehicles in such locations can also be prevented by tracking through GPS devices.

Over-speeding and rash driving

GPS trackers offer information to the owners regarding the driving behavior of employees. This permits owners to direct and correct the drivers in the event of rash and aggressive driving which can pose a risk to occupants of the vehicles. In the event that the drivers fail to correct driving styles, GPS trackers offer foolproof information to the owners, enabling them to change employees.



Nothing compares to the worry that parents face when they handover the car keys to their teenager for his/her first drive. You don’t know which roads the car will go to, you don’t know how fast it will get there. How would you know if your teen isn’t speeding around the highways or has decided to pay a visit to a shady part of town with their friends? To resolve the woes of every parent-to-a-teen, the tech world came up with the system of GPS trackers. These trackers can be placed inside any vehicle to record data like where the vehicle has been, if it was going at unsafe speeds and where the car is right now on a real-time basis – amazing isn’t it! So, if you are facing the same situation and are planning to buy a GPS vehicle tracker for your car, this blog post will definitely prove to be useful to you. Here is a brief explanation of the different types GPS vehicle trackers that are available in the market, so you can make the right choice for your needs.

Type #1: Passive GPS tracking system

This is a kind of device which you place in or on a vehicle and forget about it. This device would then record the data as discussed previously, and save it onto a storage medium like a hard drive. The data stays on the vehicle until it is extracted. There is no system of transmitting this data to a centralized hub or anything. This is the simplest form of tracking.

Type #2: Real time tracking system

This is what you need if you wish to keep a strict eye on your fleet of vehicles. Real time GPS tracking allows you to “see” where your vehicles are at all times. The system records data and sends the feed to a central computer or mobile device. You would know instantly if one of your vehicles takes a wrong turn. It all works like a moving picture.

Select the best system for your business/home depending on how much you wish to know about your vehicle.


Technology has brought about some awe-inspiring solutions for resolving many lifestyle issues faced by the modern human. Any automobile lover will tell you just how thankful he/she is for the existence of the GPS tracking system. Now they can sleep each night in peace knowing their beloved car is safe and right where it belongs – its GPS tracker is telling them so! A concerned parent will also show their gratitude forth this amazing tech – they can use it to track the whereabouts of their teen who has just started driving! The applications and benefits of the GPS car tracker are truly astounding. Let’s track some of them down.

What is a GPS car tracker device?

The GPS car tracker is a device used for vehicle tracking or keeping record of the activities of your vehicle. Your car information can be monitored on an electronic map via the Internet or specialized software. For safe driving and your safety, GPS car tracker is a very essential device. GPS car trackers are invaluable tools for monitoring cars or fleet of vehicles. There are many ways in which this amazing piece of tech can help you out:

  • You can get updates of your car’s location in real-time.
  • It may also generate theft alerts for the same.
  • You can use it to track its location when the car is on the move.
  • The device (depending upon its configuration) can also share a theft alert and your car’s current location with the law-and-order authorities.

Other than this, there are a couple of more benefits that are shared here: a good GPS tracker will offer real-time positioning of your car and track all the locations of your need. It is ready to use in minutes and minimizes your car risks and dangers. It tracks all your data and optimizes your operations and functionalities of the car.

Get sorted with a good GPS car tracking device!

fleet management


The blog is focused on fleet management and importance of vehicle tracking system.

Fleet management is one of the most responsible and challenging job for a vehicle company, as it involves a range of professional services and excellent vehicle tracking system. But thanks to the refined and updated vehicle tracking systems and the GPS devices for making it very easy to give accurate and detailed vehicle information, making it easy to manage, monitor, and considerably improve the fleet performance. Thus, vehicle tracking systems are the most essential element of fleet management. Let’s explore some tips to get a better understanding.

Usually with the huge number of vehicles and larger fleet, often, managing then becomes a headache. On the other hand, to release your headache, modern technology is blessed with highly effective way to make your fleet accountable, efficient and profitable. There are professionals and popular fleet management companies that offer excellent vehicle tracking systems as a solution.


  • GPS car tracking and vehicle tracking systems should be considered as high priority. It accurately measures, monitor, and examines the vehicle and driver performance in real-time scenario.
  • Vehicle tracking systems take full control of your fleet by tracking your vehicle and car efficiently.
  • A whole range of information can be collected by vehicle tracking and GPS system, such as critical diagnostics like speed, timings, location, and even detailed analysis of driver behavior that will help you manage your fleet with greater competence.
  • Poor route planning, inept driving, equipment failure or other issues like these can be disastrous and can turn to be one of biggest threats to the cost effectiveness. Here, with vehicle tracking systems all the above can be prevented.

To sum-up, one should use vehicle tracking and GPS systems to protect the fleet of vehicle against the risk of drivers and unwanted incidences.




Almost every single person alive on this planet would have come through this term at some time or another. The technology is so popular that it has revolutionized the way we look at maps and locate ourselves, and has become an essential part of our everyday lives. But how does GPS tracking device systems come into existence and how do they work?

Let’s find out:

The term GPS is an expansion for Global Positioning System. This technology was put in place by the US military in 1989 for their own use. But today, there are more civil users across the whole world.

This system uses a network of at least 24 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network which keeps orbiting the earth and transmitting the signals constantly. This network incorporates using the microwave signals that are passed on to GPS devices to provide info on location, speed, time and direction. Both the real-time and historic navigation data of a journey can be found on a GPS tracking system.

The information that a GPS satellite actually transmits is simply its trajectory and the exact transmission time. A GPS device picks up a signal from at least 3 satellites, and then figures out the exact location. The process is called trilateration: “If the position of the satellites is this, this, and this, my position should be this.” The receiver uses the information and calculates its position in the 3-dimensional space as a set of coordinates.

As the GPS will continue to expand in the future, it will improve and the key here would be making the Global Positioning System even more global.