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Reasons to Install A GPS Tracking Device for Cars So You Can Locate It Later

Trackers that use GPS (global positioning system) are portable, high-end devices that you can install in your vehicle to monitor and keep tabs on its location and status. They provide real-time information on location and speed, and some units are capable of sending alerts to your mobile phone, in case suspicious activity is detected. A GPS tracking device for cars relies on a network of satellites to determine its physical location. They may use the same technology as portable and in-care navigators, but the difference is the tracker can keep records of driving habits, while delivering that information in real-time.

GPS tracking devices can be more valuable these days, especially as carjacking incidents have become more common. Installing one in your car may help you locate its whereabouts, in case you suddenly find your vehicle missing from your garage or parking spot. The importance of having a GPS tracker in your vehicle should be highly considered if you live or work in high-risk areas, or if you frequent places that are frequented by carjackers. These days, it is better to be safe than sorry, and it is better to be prepared than regret not doing anything to deter the crime or minimize your risk. Remember that if it could happen to anyone, it could happen to you.

A high-quality personal GPS tracking device for your car is equipped with a motion sensor that will immediately alert you via text message when it detects that your vehicle is disturbed. This way, you have enough time to react and alert the authorities before a thief could enter your vehicle. A remote listening function can help you determine if the threat is real. You can disable the ignition with one text, too, and once disabled, the carjacker will not be able to start the vehicles until you or an authorized user provides the command.

How Much Is A GPS Car Tracker Is Useful in The Crowded Philippines

GPS technology is now a critical tool for fleet managers, and if you are one, it makes sense to invest in high-quality devices to maintain control of every vehicle that is used in your business. A high-quality GPS car tracker can help you manage your fleet well. Moreover, when your drivers know that they are being monitored, they may be less likely to stray from their routes or take personal trips on the side. Here are more reasons why this device can be useful to your business in the Philippines:

  • Comes with Geofencing – If you are concerned about your drivers taking detours and using your fleet for personal reasons, the GPS car tracking device can help you verify or debunk your fears. The geofencing feature lets you detect detours and unauthorized vehicle use. This feature may help you control break times, too.
  • It offers hands-free audio and remote listening capabilities – The push of a button lets you communicate with a control center.
  • Increase safety on the road – The GPS tracker has reporting tools that can help you detect a bad vehicle battery or disconnection. Motion detection delivers SMS alert to secure unguarded assets and parked vehicles, while speed reporting will provide information to correct and identify driver behavior and prevent bad driving habits. Running engines can be detected with an idle alarm, and fuel use can be monitored, too, so you have an idea on fuel consumption and costs.
  • Anti-jamming – This feature eliminates interference from up to eight GPS jammers.
  • Get periodic reports – Data can be based on the distance or time traveled. The GPS tracker’s multiple 1-wire sensors can provide info on temperature and the driver’s ID, and an idle alarm lets you detect any running engine. You could monitor the speed of each fleet, too, and use landmark data to easily locate the vehicles, even when maps are not available.

Are You Using Car Tracking Devices in the Philippines? Some Reasons Why You Must

These days, you can never be too sure about your safety, especially when you have a car. For this reason, it may be smarter to consider having a car tracking device in the Philippines to make sure that you can easily track your vehicle, in case something goes wrong. Vehicle tracking devices are not only for personal use but for business, too, especially if you are managing a small fleet. With the right product, you can minimise operating expenses, overtime costs, and fuel consumption in the long run.

A personal car tracking device in the Philippines provides real-time information that allows you to get up-to-the-minute updates on the location of your loved ones, especially our children and elderly relatives. Updates will be sent to you on your phone via text message, even if you are not connected online. Once installed, the tracker can start monitoring your vehicle 24/7, while giving you full control of your vehicle’s security from your mobile phone. Information such as the speed and direction of the vehicle will be sent to you, too.

Vehicle tracking devices come with a sensitive motion sensor, which will immediately send you an update when your car is disturbed. A remote listing function makes it easier to determine if there is a real threat, so you can call the authorities or disable the vehicle ignition with a single SMS. A car tracking device in the Philippines will be useful in monitoring your driver or your kids when they use your vehicles, too. You can set the speed limits and create allowable or banned zones, and activate other automatic reporting features to put your mind at ease when you leave your car to someone else.

For a business, the car tracking device in the Philippines will be helpful in monitoring driving habits, the speed of the vehicles, fuel use, and security. Consider choosing a reliable service provider that does not require monthly subscription fees. Some of the best devices are flexible for large flee tracking when used with software, and they come with features like motion detection, GPS anti-jamming, idle alarm, landmark data when maps are unavailable, and multiple 1-wire sensors for temperatures and driver ID.

Will Tracking Devices for Cars Work When You Need Them Most?

Reliability is one of the significant factors that could make you think twice about getting tracking devices for cars. The last thing you want to happen is needing to rely on the tracker only to find out that it is unable to find your vehicle for whatever reason. The key to avoiding such headaches is to carefully pick the device and make sure that it is proven dependable and convenient. One way to verify the reliability of a vehicle tracking device is to study its features. You will need to look up reviews and customer feedback on the product, too, as these can be helpful in verifying the dependability and usefulness of the tracker in their lives.

Features of a good GPS tracker for cars

The best tracking devices for cars enable you to locate your vehicle from your personal computer or over the cellular network. They provide real-time tracking, making them dependable and capable of providing up-to-date information and accurate results. They are easy to install and flexible for monitoring a small fleet. This way, they could be a significant investment to companies who have a fleet of vehicles to monitor and manage at all times. 

High-end vehicle trackers do more than just find your car and pinpoint its location. They come with features that enable you to monitor lousy driving habits of your drivers, determine the speed of the car, observe fuel use, and ensure the security of your vehicles through live alerts when unauthorized use or access has detected. This way, tracking devices for cars allow you to take full control of each vehicle in your fleet.

The intelligent tracking system relies on GPS and easy-to-use applications. Information on the status of your vehicle can be sent directly to you on your mobile device. Some of the best tracking devices for cars come with features like motion detection, GPS anti-jamming, periodic reporting, idle alarm, and SOS button, too.


GPS vehicle trackers have done so much more than helping drivers with finding the best routes for getting to their destinations. This simple piece of tech has allowed car owners in Philippines to enjoy unprecedented peace of mind as well. Accurate tracking of a car with a GPS vehicle tracker can be a major boon in many ways – allowing owners to better manage their use of the machine and ensure that this prized possession of theirs remains safe and secure at all times. Wish to know how? Let’s find out:

Knowing where your car is and how it is being used at all times is useful – imagine handing over your car keys to your son/daughter who has just started driving, and you will know! High-end GPS trackers can give you alerts on their location, driving speed, fuel usage and so much more, thereby helping you assess how the car is being used and take corrective action to help the user understand the importance of responsible driving. Motion detection sensors also give you a notification on whether or not your car is safe and secure where you parked it, preventing auto theft and unauthorized use. All these alerts can be received directly on your mobile phone, even without an active internet connection. Accurate tracking and timely notifications from GPS vehicle trackers can help ensure that your car is safe and sensibly used at all times.

Location tracking also offers various navigation benefits, helping car owners in Philippines to better understand the route they are on, how long it will take to reach their intended destination and what lies ahead on the road. The same feature can be used to track and find your car in case it has been stolen or is being illicitly used. And the best part – you don’t need to be glued to your device screen for getting this information. The best GPS vehicle trackers can send regular updates, timely alerts and critical alarms right on your mobile, without the need to be connected to the web. Now THAT is a smart piece of tech, right?


Car tracking systems can provide you with immense value in terms of navigation support and usage data but their utility extends much further than that. These systems also offer an interesting array of safety benefits that make them an indispensable accessory for a car owner. Let’s delve deeper into this technology and attempt to understand how car tracking systems can prove to be a major safety precaution for your prized possession:

  • 24*7 vehicle tracking ensures that you are always aware of where your car is at all times, even when you are not driving it.
  • Motion detection alarms are sent directly to your device, whether or not you are connected to the web. This gives you a chance to put a stop to any unauthorized use of your car and prevent miscreants from stealing or damaging your car.
  • In case thieves manage to get a hold of your vehicle, you can make use of the car tracking system to find its exact location and take the help of local law enforcement to find and retrieve the same.
  • Car tracking systems also give real time updates of a car’s location, so you can keep an eye on how it is being used. This is especially helpful in reducing time spent at unauthorized locations when you have just hired a new driver for the vehicle or have a teenager in the house who has recently learned how to drive.
  • Tracking systems also generate alerts in case your vehicle crosses preset speed limits. This will help you understand your car’s current user’s driving style and correct mistakes before any unfortunate incident occurs.
  • In case you own a fleet of cars meant for commercial use, tracking systems can help manage your entire operations virtually, helping in taking decisions necessary to increase the efficiency of your operations and improve service quality.

So you see, car tracking systems can genuinely help in improving how well you use your car. Get the peace of mind you deserve as a vehicle owner with a car tracking system today!

Tracking Devices for Cars – What To Look For

Installing a GPS tracking device is a great way to add another layer of security for your vehicle because it allows you to find out where it is at all times. Are you in the market for tracking devices for cars? There are certain features to look for to get the best value.

Tracking in real time is a basic feature you will definitely want from your GPS tracker. This allows you to monitor your device’s location, speed, and direction of travel which is very useful in the event of a theft, so you can quickly determine its location and expedite its recovery. This is also a great feature should you need to monitor the location information of a family member’s vehicle in case of trouble.

GPS trackers are of course only as useful as the tracking software that they are bundled with. It is therefore important that you find the right software bundle to use with your tracker. You want something that is easy to use and understand. Look for a good user interface that is easy to navigate. Make sure it has all the features that you will need for your purposes, but don’t overpay for superfluous features that you will never use.

You should also pick out a tracker that is easy to maintain. Note that most GPS tracker units need to be wired into your car and may require a professional installation. However, there are easy plug in models for those who want to avoid the complexity of installing a wired unit. Do keep in mind that a plug-in unit can often be removed very quickly too, which may not be ideal in case of vehicle theft. If car robbery is an ever-present threat, consider going for a wired-in GPS system that is bundled with immobilizers that allow you to shut off the vehicle and peg its location in case of a car theft.

3 Ways Companies with Trucks Can Use Vehicle Fleet Management System

Companies that depend on vehicles for trucking and delivery can certainly benefit from a fleet management system to help organize, monitor, and protect their cars and trucks. Proper fleet management gives control over trucking fleets and helps safeguard a company’s investment as well as ensure the safety of its drivers and cargo. Here are just 3 of the many reasons why fleet management is essential:

  1. Fleet management can help optimize vehicle itineraries and provide an efficient deployment plan for your fleet. This ensures that your drivers can take the quickest and safest routes, which translates to significant time and fuel savings for your company. This also ensures that the goods you carry get delivered on schedule, leading to efficiency and high client satisfaction.
  1. A fleet management system gives you measurable intelligence about your fleet and drivers by generating accurate reports and statistics. It can be a great tool for objectively evaluating and assessing your drivers and vehicles with performance data like average speeds, braking and acceleration data, starts and stops, idle times and other information. With proper analysis of all this information, you can then make informed decisions on how to optimize fuel use, review your fleet’s driving styles and implement changes to improve its overall performance.
  1. Your fleet management system can keep your vehicles on the road and running for longer. This is especially useful if you manage a smaller fleet. As you know, even the loss of one vehicle can be devastating because the rest of the fleet becomes hard pressed to keep up with the demand and workload. A fleet management system can help monitor the health of each vehicle and alert you of the need for preventive maintenance to prevent major breakdowns from happening.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Tramigo GPS Trackers

Nowadays, the Global positioning system (GPS) tracking device is one of the paramount gadgets that is being used by a wide range of travel associated industries right from food service to construction business. Still there are few trackers which reach the market with heavy advertisements but in reality fail to fulfil the purposes. Here is what you need to know about the top 5 reasons to purchase Tramigo GPS trackers.

# 1 – Multilingual tracker – There are many low-standard trackers which come with poorly designed interface software, and the worst part is that the users have to make use of long alphanumeric commands in order to get the vehicle’s location. Tramigo GPS tracker is multilingual and the users can make use of SMS command in simple English language to receive the location details.

# 2 – Offline functionalities – Some trackers expect the user to stay 24/7 online or to sign up an account to get the tracking details which has many practical difficulties. Tramigo GPS tracker does not require internet access, instead it has mobile supportive software to receive all the updates or it can be customized in such a way to receive only important alerts.

# 3 – Trustworthy services – A low grade tracker will not offer a timely help for the users when they face any issues with products and their services. Authenticated Tramigo GPS trackers guarantee their clientele with top-tier devices and components with least defect rate. Tramigo also offers 24 month warranty and 24/7 customer support to troubleshoot the issues.

# 4 – Clear landmarks – A simple dot representation on a map would make the users to get confused about the location. But Tramigo GPS tracker offers TLD landmark service which translates cryptic GPS coordinates into exact locations for better understanding.

# 5 – Free from monthly rentals – Users, when opting for service contracts or purchase devices have to be careful because the confidential data will be shared over the internet to any third party and sometimes due to server issues, the device becomes inactive. Whereas Tramigo GPS tracker can exclusively provide the service without any monthly rentals or license payment instead it costs only for the SMS or GPRS data that is being shared.

When decided to purchase the tracker, the individuals will be overwhelmed with too many products in the market. These are the top 5 reasons that clearly state why Tramigo GPS tracker is bought and always being the choice of entrepreneurs from various industries.

Why Tracking Devices For Cars is a Sound Investment?

Living in a competitive world and running a business successfully is certainly a hard thing to do. One of the most important traits of a successful business is to regularly keep monitoring the employees and their services. Fortunately, GPS tracking device is one such device that becomes the entrepreneur’s best companion and makes tracking quite easier and trustworthy. Here is the complete lowdown on why tracking devices for cars is a sound investment.

#1 – Recover of theft stock – Unfortunately, if the construction company’s vehicle is stolen, without a tracking system, it would be really difficult to find the vehicle, and this incident will cause a huge financial loss to the business. Meanwhile, if the vehicle is installed with GPS tracking system, it will help the authorities to track the stolen vehicle and also to procure the expensive stolen stocks before it could bring a massive damage to the company. With GPS tracking system, the real time location of the stolen vehicle can be tracked and the vehicle can be handed over to the rightful owner.

# 2 – Controls break time – Especially for the travel business, routine monitoring is necessary to safeguard the business from mere loss. During the work time some of the cab drivers might act unfair and try to hide their present whereabouts, to enjoy their extra break hours which definitely leads to less productivity. If the vehicles are installed with high-grade tracking system, the owners can remotely monitor the location and track the route history of the cab driver which helps to control break time.

# 3 – Safeguard the employees – Sometimes, companies like steel manufacturing, building construction, and roofing tend to carry heavy and expensive equipment to several job sites. When there is a need to travel to any unfamiliar locations, the employees may have chances to face potential dangers like rerouting to wrong and unsafe location, any motor accidents. So the GPS tracking system will guide the drivers with reliable route and in case if the driver met with an accident this tracking system serves to be a life saving device.

These above-mentioned reasons state the necessity of investing in a GPS tracking system in car or company’s vehicle.