Tramigo landmarks are commonly known man made elements, such as buildings, hotels, theaters, museums, libraries, churches, hotels, schools, hospitals, post offices, shopping malls, passenger terminals, major interchanges, gasoline stations, government services, tourist attractions, toll gates, sport arenas etc..

Cities, towns, villages, and even natural points of interest, such as small islands, hills and lakes, can also be designated as landmarks if they have local geographical, historical or cultural significance.

Tramigo Landmarks are carefully chosen and verified to give the best possible, easy-to-understand and localized answer for the question: Where is/are my tracking device, loved ones and important assets.
Tramigo landmarks are available for every country in the world and cover the whole world, including all oceans.
Waypoints are commonly used to mark locations of personal interest, such as home, office or other personally important places. Point of interest data usually show a list of public locations, such as cities, villages and business related establishments with additional info.

Tramigo landmarks are point of interest types of information, since carefully selected and studied landmarks always includes plenty of intelligence and local significance. TLD includes only meaningful and useful landmarks for local tracking, navigation and orientation. Users’ own places are more like waypoints.
Due to the dynamic and chancing nature of landmarks, Tramigo is committed to continuous updates of its data to ensure the best possible quality of every TLD. Landmarks for every country are updated and verified several times every year.
Tramigo does NOT generate landmarks from inaccurate and generalized third party data bases. Instead, every landmark is individually verified and geo-referenced making the accuracy of Tramigo landmarks extremely high; in fact the highest in the GPS Industry.
Every TLD is optimized to cover all cities, towns, villages plus a maximum number of additional landmarks of all major cities and towns. If your own village does not have enough landmarks, you can add up to 500 of your own personal landmarks to your Tramigo.
TLD landmark density varies from capitals and major cities (30 meters - 2 kilometers) to rural areas where village density defines the distance of individual landmarks.
You can mail feedback and suggestions to tld@tramigo.com. All feedback, suggestions and additional ideas are welcome and highly appreciated. We are always here to serve you and provide the best possible landmarks for your area and needs.
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