M1 Move iPhone

iPhone version is available from the App Store.
Note that you can easily use a Tramigo with standard SMS.

  • Track your fleet, conveniently!
  • Find your loved ones, easily!

M1 Move for iPhone is now available for personal and business use in conjunction with the Tramigo T23 tracking device – the best selling vehicle tracker in the market. Tracking your vehicles while on the move has never been this easy! M1 Move for iPhone works conveniently with the T23 and keeps all your reports secure. Fleet trackers will enjoy the convenience of sending commands with just a few keystrokes. Families and friends are at ease knowing their loved ones can easily be located from around the globe.

Tramigo Landmarks

M1 Move utilizes the Tramigo Landmarks which are pre-installed in your T23 device. This helps you instantly determine the location of your vehicle, whether it is parked or on the move – you will always know! Most importantly, Tramigo Landmarks are readily available from the device anywhere in the world, without the need for an internet connection.

In case you still need a traditional map viewing: M1 Move also turns on the T23’s support for viewing “Find” reports on online maps. With this feature turned on, a vehicle’s location can easily be plotted and shown on the map.

Requires T22 firmware 1.57 or newer.

Requires T23 firmware 1.09 or newer.

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