Product History
2003 – Tramigo T20

Tramigo launches it’s first Tracking device, the T20 vehicle tracker in 2003 and soon follows up with the “Tramigo Mobile 1” software that precedes the current M1 Move Smartphone tracking software.

2004 – Tramigo “Mobile 1”

The precursor to today’s M1 Move, Tramigo “Mobile 1” software for Nokia Series 60 phones is launched.

2005 – Tramigo T21

The lovingly nicknamed “Tramigo Hamburger” is launched late 2005 to replace the T20 and adds many of the features still seen in Tramigos including speed limits, ignition detection, user added landmarks and the panic button.

2008 – Tramigo T22 Series

Initially launched for portable use, T22 Car, Moto and Boat versions are added soon after and the rounded edges of the T22 quickly replace the the bulky T21 model. As the longest serving model in the T-series, over 500,000 remain in service tracking fleets and private vehicles across the planet.

2009 – Tramigo M1 Fleet PC Software

Replacing M1 PC, the standalone M1 Fleet PC tracking software is launched in January 2009 for even better fleet management via PC.

2011 – Tramigo M1 Fleet Enterprise

The first version of M1 Fleet Enterprise is launched to provide client-server platform for service providers and large fleets that need to access their vehicles from multiple workstations.

2013 – Tramigo T23 Fleet

Tramigo launches T23 Fleet that adds GPRS support and continent-wide Tramigo landmark data.

2014 – Tramigo T23 Series

Celebrating more than a decade of product development, Tramigo launches the T23 Series comprising of Upgraded T23 Fleet, T23 Track and T23 Magnum.

2015 – Tramigo Pocket

The ultra-slim Tramigo Pocket has now been successfully launched in selected markets and the demand is very high! All of our partners and customers can order this amazing new product very soon.

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