Tramigo T22 Accessories

The T22 Water level monitor alerts you via SMS if water levels in your marine vessel rise above the specified level.


A deluxe handsfree that allows high quality, 2-way audio. Voice calls to up to 3 prefefined numbers. Different earpiece.


Rugged splash proof case to protect your T22. Useful for marine and outdoor use. Available in Red, Black and Blue.
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Solar charger for your Tramigo T22. Perfect for trailers, boats and other assets without a power source.
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Cable for connecting your T22 to a power source (CLA, Wall Plug or PC). Length 2m


Cigar lighter adapter for recharging your T22. Plugs into any 6 to 24v DC power source in your vehicle.


Wiring for permanent connection to a vehicle. 6-24v DC power source. Includes 1A fuse. 2m cable.


IO cable for external sensors.


The T22 ATB allows you to send an SOS message with your location or activate the motion sensor of your T22 unit with the press of a button.


Cable kit that allows a vehicle owner to immobilize his engine with a single text message command from his mobile. 12v or 24v.
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T22 AMIC works like the T22 Nanny microphone, but comes with a 3m cable for easy vehicle installation.


A waterproof case for the T22 unit, ideal for marine use.
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Replacement battery for T22. 1300 mAh capacity.


Wall plug for re-charging your T22.
3 plug types available, US, UK, and EU. Input 110-240v AC.


T22 Magnetic Case is perfect for security use. Includes 4 strong magnets.


External GPS cable for use when your T22 does not have a clear view of the sky. Antenna is waterproof and can be located outside. 3m cable.


Siemens GSM Modem for M1 Fleet Software.


The T22 Installation kit contains the accessories, wiring, and instructions needed to permanently install a portable Tramigo T22 to a vehicle. When installed your T22 uses vehicle power and is hidden from view. T22-AKIT package includes: vehicle power cable, protective casing, external GPS antenna, IO cable with remote SOS button and installation manual. – Not required for T22 Car, Moto or Boat versions.
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