T23 Accessories

Cable kit that allows a vehicle owner to immobilize his engine with a single text message command from his mobile. 12v or 24v.

T23-AMIC *

T23 AMIC works like the T22 Nanny microphone, but comes with a 2m cable for easy vehicle installation.


Replacement battery for T23. 1300 mAh capacity.


Cigar lighter adapter for recharging your T23. Plugs into any 6 to 24v DC power source in your vehicle.


IO cable for external sensors.
Note: Supply information T23 series device model and what accessories are planned to use.


The T23 ATB allows you to send an SOS message with your location.

T23-HFK-2 *

A deluxe handsfree that allows high quality, 2-way audio. Voice calls to up to 3 predefined numbers. Different earpiece.


Solar charger for your Tramigo T23. Perfect for trailers, boats and other assets without a power source.


Cable for connecting your T23 to a power source (CLA or PC). Length 0.5m.

T23-GPS *

External GPS cable for use when your T23 does not have a clear view of the sky. Antenna is waterproof and can be located outside. 2m cable.


Siemens GSM Modem for M1 Fleet Software.


* Note: Not available with T23 Track.

For more information about T23 accessories, please contact our sales support with your enquiry.

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