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      TRACK YOUR VEHICLES AND ASSETS REAL-TIME Anytime, From Anywhere & Any Device 24/7

      Why TRAMIGO GPS is the BEST selling and Most Accurate Vehicle Tracker in Philippines?

      • Tramigo offers a wide range of products for monitoring trucks, cars, vans, boats, bikes and heavy equipment. It can easily be installed but is not easily visible. Equipped with Tramigo Cloud (Online and Live) and Non-Cloud (On-premise and fully secure) tracking connectivity options, Tramigo hardware units provide real time location using landmark technology aside from GPS coordinates providing you easy location references for tracking your asset, anytime, anywhere from any device. Track all your vehicles from your mobile phone, computer, tablet or the cloud. With an extensive nationwide coverage in the Philippines, Tramigo now comes with a E-sim technology providing the best signal among all the telcos and a 2 year warranty making TRAMIGO your AMIGO when it comes to Tracking.

      Monitor Vehicle Use and Status

      • Download all kinds of reports anytime, which can also be compiled by vehicle into visual vehicle usage statistics with total trips, distance travelled, average speeds and more! Records can be imported anytime without any time limitation. Track alerts, Harsh Braking, Sudden Acceleration, Tramigo status, Tamper Alerts, Over Speeding and so much more.

      No Monthly Fee or Subscriptions

      • Yes, that is Right! Tramigo offers both Cloud (with subscription) or Non-Cloud options (On Premise- perpetual) options. The Non-Cloud option does not have Monthly Fees or Subscriptions for Life. No Internet or expensive data is required to track your trucks, cars, vans, boats, bikes and heavy equipment. All Tramigo units are LTFRB approved and registered for Public Utility Vehicles too. No Third Party Intervention or server to access your confidential data makes Tramigo the most secured Tracking Device in the World!

      Secured Tracking Connectivity

      Tramigo M1 Fleet Enterprise (On-Premise Software) is designed to bring the full features of a enterprise vehicle tracking and fleet management software to a privately hosted environment without any 3rd party intervention. Suitable when your operational requirements dictate that your fleet management software must be hosted on a privately-owned server, or within the borders of your own city or country. This fully secured option is ideal for private and sensitive organizations like banks, government offices, embassies and more

      Tramigo Cloud Tracking Connectivity

      Designed to deliver advanced fleet management features conveniently packaged in one service platform and accessible on any device. Tramigo Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) model delivers customers all the benefits of a top end enterprise fleet management software system without any of the large upfront payments or complex server set up and maintenance requirements.

      Hybrid Tracking Connectivity

      Experience in delivering fleet management solutions to businesses operating in some of the world’s most demanding environments is Tramigo’s core competency. With our embedded intelligence you can operate even without the internet or data. From the convenience and scale offered by the cloud to the full privacy and control guaranteed by our self hosted options, Tramigo is able to accommodate the most demanding customers.

      User Interface Software

      Free user interface software for smartphones, tablets & desktop PCs. Access alerts, reports, features and more

      Remote Listen

      This feature can be activated in case of any breach using the T23 Device.

      GPS Features

      GPS Anti-Jamming features to remove interference from up to 8 jammers.


      Now equipped with E-sim Technology, Accurate GPS positioning with GPRS & GSM communication.


      Real Time Alerts like idle Alarm, Over Speeding, Tamper Alert, Harsh Braking, Sudden Acceleration, Fuel Consumption etc..


      Periodic reporting based on time or distance travelled. Customize and export without limits


      Real-time tracking location of your fleet including Movement, Parking or Stopped mode

      Contact Information

      Real-time tracking with Tramigo, the World's Best GPS Tracker. Made in Finland

      Manila HQ Address:

      L.A. Car Accessories GMAD Tower, 7610 Guijo St.San Antonio Village, Makati City
      Tel: (02) 8273-4963 or 8847-0602.
      Open from Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm.

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      L.A. Car Accessories Cebu VCFI Building 36 Arch Bishop Reyes Ave. Corner Molave St., Kamputhaw, Cebu City
      Tel: (032) 233-7139, 233-7140.
      Open from Monday to Saturday 8 am to 4 pm.

      Davao Address:

      L.A. Car Accessories Davao, El Pueblo, Diversion Rd. Beside Robinsons Highlands, Davao City
      Tel: (082) 228-7001 to 02.
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