Our Company

Founded in 2003 and registered initially as L.A. Car Accessories Store and L.A. Window Films Mktg., both sole proprietors, L.A. Accessories and Window Films Corp. was incorporated last 2014 and is today a leading provider and installer of car gadgets, car accessories and window films for residential, commercial purposes in the Philippines boasting more than 10,000 clients nationwide.

Product Knowledge

We are determined to assist and share our vast knowledge and experience to match the customer’s concerns by recommending the best product for the value and performance.

Unparalleled Service

We are a medium sized company with big aspirations and are very sensitive to the quality service we provide our customers. Every employee of our company is instilled with a sense of purpose beyond “just a job”. It’s what sets us apart from other window film companies and drives us to success, as well as fuels the engine for our growth.

About Tramigo

We are a multinational company with our headquarters and home in Finland. Our sales, support and R&D offices are located in our main markets. We are pioneers and brand builders, a team of highly innovative and persistent entrepreneurs aiming to change the tracking industry and create the first global consumer brand in the tracking product and telematics business. To achieve our goal we create the best hardware and software solutions which consumers experience as easy to use, high value for money, reliable and intelligent.

Our roots are in the emerging high growth markets such as Africa, Asia and Latin America. The cornerstone of our competitiveness is TLD landmarks, our own mapping standard that makes a totally new tracking experience possible with maximized user friendliness, reliability and efficiency. Visual mapping such as Google Maps was not created for the tracking business – try our unique Tramigo experience with TLD landmarks today and realize the new era of tracking!

Our Mission

To Maximize End-User Satisfaction and Partner Profitability

We have done more than ten years of pioneering and painfully hard development. We understand that it is this kind of work and investment that is needed locally to make vehicle tracking a Success Story in the highly segmented markets.

Our plan is to increase profitability for our partners through quality mass volume production. In fact, Tramigo’s mission is very similar to Samsung’s or Nokia’s: through mass volume we offer high quality and innovative products with strong branding to overcome the low quality manufacturers. We look at the volume: how to reach 5 to 10 percent of the vehicle population in each of our target markets and to create strong partnerships, branding and reseller networks in order to achieve this goal.

We also understand that several segments in the tracking business are service driven and we humbly serve local and regional tracking service providers as an OEM supplier offering full re-branding rights with very attractive pricing and free user interface and server software.

Organizational Chart: 60+ Employees and Growing

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