Track and monitor your vehicles from your own premise without any 3rd party server. This solution is recommended for those that wish to keep their sensitive data secured within their own premise or organization.. 

The M1 Fleet Enterprise Software that tracks the Tramigo devices (installed on vehicles)  is installed on client’s computer or server. With this secured solution, there aren’t any monthly fees or subscriptions. 

No contracts or cloud based access. All data is transferred, maintained and stored by the client on their pc or phone. Nobody else will have access. Data is transferred using GSM Technology (SMS).

Client provides the sim card to be installed on the Tramigo T23 Tracker for this solution. 

Track from any device, from anywhere. This solution utilizes Tramigo’s e-sim embedded technology that works with any telco: Globe or Smart cellular’s GPRS (4g data) network as compared to SMS monitoring like Security Pro Solution.

It selects and switches to the best data network automatically without any hassle. Ideal for areas that have good data connection. Using Tramigo Cloud, users can enjoy access to the app which can be downloaded through any device or monitor the vehicles on Tramigo’s web based facility.

This solution requires a yearly subscription to access Tramigo Cloud features for tracking and monitoring. Tracking Device for this solution is either Tramigo T23 or Tramigo T24


Never miss out on data. Have the best of both worlds.  This solution provides you access to M1 Fleet Enterprise software using the GSM network as well as GPRS data through Tramigo Cloud. 

Recommended for those that do not wish to only rely on data from cloud due to signal issues at their respective locations, but also has the capability to access and monitor from their pc through the M1 Enterprise Software installed via GSM (SMS) facility or through their phone via sms. Never miss out on important data.

The device to be utilized for this solution is the Tramigo T24 with dual sim function. Comes with an embedded e-sim that connects to Tramigo Cloud as well as a port for your own choice of network for GSM (SMS) tracking.