GPS Tracking Solutions

At Tramigo we provide GPS tracking products that helps you to manage single or large fleet with ease. We have 3 Solutions to meet any requirement.

Why Choose Us

Selecting the correct tracker is difficult as most seem similar on the outside.


Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Track Your Assets From Any Device at Any Time and Receive Accurate Locations in Real Time. Track from the web, apps, in-house computers, in-house servers and more. We offer 4 solutions.


Multi-Network Capability with E-sim Technology

Data generated is of no use if you can’t receive it. Our multi-network e-sim technology embedded on the device works with all network companies Globe, Smart and Sun and switches automatically to the best available network provider at a given area. There’s no need to rely only on one network anymore.


No Monthly Fees or Reliance on 3rd Parties

When you select Tramigo On Premise Solution – You are in full control of your data. No 3rd party servers or access from anyone outside your organization will be able to receive vital information of your confidential details. Many armored truck and finance companies utilize this security feature of Tramigo.


Reliability and Full Aftermarket Support

Trusting a cheaper tracking company sacrifices your after-market support. Tramigo has been in the industry for more than 2 decades and carries with it guaranteed expertise and support services for it's clients.

How we work

Tramigo vehicle tracking device combines

  • GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • GSM / GPRS (Mobile Network)
  • TLD (Tramigo Landmark Data)

Tramigo uses GPS satellites to position itself resulting in very accurate positioning, then it finds the closest TLD landmark to that point from its internal memory and sends the information across to any authorized mobile phone through data GPRS or as a text message using the GSM network depending on your choice of connectivity availed. We offer 4 options to connect including a hybrid method that gives you all options to track. Tramigo is Simple, Intelligent and Very Secure.

Tramigo Solutions


Private Vehicle Tracking

You will have peace of mind knowing you have full access to your vehicle's location and diagnostic at any given time, anywhere.


Small Fleet Tracking

Simplicity, ease of use and reliability make Tramigo the perfect device to monitor small fleets either from the privacy of your mobile device or with our free PC software that requires no server setup.


Large Fleet Tracking

For managing large fleets, Tramigo provides a full state-of-the-art capability to control your fleet of vehicles from a total security standpoint. You'll be able to know the movement of all your fleet in a command-center approach.

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    Tramigo is multilingual and is currently available with local landmark information to your country and over 220 other countries and areas.
    Please get in touch with us for the best way to purchase Tramigo in your country.
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