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GPS vehicle tracker keeps you informed about your vehicles where about.  Tramigo GPS tracking devices and management systems comes with a combination of technically advanced and handy features at affordable rates. All you need to do is download the application in your mobile or Personal Computer from our site. It has a revolutionary map feature that allows you to instantly visualize the location closest to your Tramigo device. With this you will be able to get an idea of exact location of your vehicle and loved one instantly.

At Tramigo we provide GPS tracking products that helps you to manage single or large fleet with ease. We have a wide range of GPS products, like:

  • Personal GPS Tracker

Installing the Personal GPS Tracker helps track your car that implies you can keep track of your family members, employees or friends in Philippines. This device also helps you to keep your vehicle safe from theft. The added benefit of installing the Tramigo Personal GPS tracker is that you can set speed limits, allowed zones and multiple other features for your vehicle.

  • GPS Car Tracker

Tramigo GPS car tracking devices are perfect for small fleet owners. This device helps you monitor your fleet either through your mobile phones or by installing the Tramigo free PC software.  Tramigo gives all you need to control your fleet with no monthly fees or setup costs.  With Tramigo you can pinpoint bad driving habits by monitoring speeds, engine idling and unauthorized trips that cost your business valuable time and money.

  • Fleet Management Devices

Tramigo understands the importance of fleet management and believes in providing both online and offline support for fleet management. Tramigo device with M1 Fleet Enterprise server software hosts your fleet data and allows simultaneous access from multiple clients.   You will be able to monitor and control large fleets with these combined technologies of GPRS and SMS.

Above all Tramigo provides freedom of choice, daily happiness, and peace of mind.

Tramigo YouTube Channel
Tramigo YouTube Channel
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Tramigo Product Range


T23 Tracker Series
Professional tracking & security for private vehicle owners, fleet owners, fleet service providers and government use.


Mobile Software
Smartphone and tablet software to track your Tramigos anywhere, anytime.


Control Centers
Standalone, server and web based fleet management for small and large fleets.


Solar chargers, vehicle immobilization and other accessories for your Tramigos.


Tramigo Spot
Turns your Android device into a tracker powered by easy-to-use Tramigo landmarks.
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