1 Tramigo for Private Car Tracking

Why sign up for monthly contracts and service fees when Tramigo gives you the power to monitor and secure your car directly from your mobile device without the need for logging into websites or calling others to ask where your car is.

After an easy installation, your Tramigo is ready to guard your car 24/7 without needing to be accessed ever again with all settings and commands done from the privacy of your mobile phone or tablet.

2 Small Fleet Tracking

Why pay monthly fees, subscriptions or licence payments when Tramigo gives you all you need to control your fleet without third parties? Just install any pre- or postpaid SIM from the operator of your choice and start tracking your vehicles.

There is no need for a complicated server setup and you can check critical messages from your vehicles anywhere personally from the privacy of your tablet or mobile device.

3 Large Fleet Tracking

For managing large fleets, Tramigo recommends the T23 tracking devices together with the M1 Fleet Enterprise server software. The unique industry advantage comes when combining both GPRS and SMS technologies seemlesly:

Monitor your fleet realtime, have history playbacks and advanced statistics via the server connection and simultanously get the most important reports and alarms directly from the T23 device to your mobile device in an easy and understandable format with the Tramigo landmarks.