Perfect for Large Fleet Tracking

For managing large fleets, Tramigo recommends the T23 tracking devices together with the M1 Fleet Enterprise server software. The unique industry advantage comes when combining both GPRS and SMS technologies seemlesly: Monitor your fleet realtime, have history playbacks and advanced statistics via the server connection and simultanously get the most important reports and alarms directly from the T23 device to your mobile device in an easy and understandable format with the Tramigo landmarks.

Full Online and Offline Support for the Most Demanding Tracking Environment

Tramigo M1 Fleet Enterprise server hosts your fleet data and allows simultaneous access from multiple clients or via web browser with the M1 Fleet Web add-on. With the M1 Fleet Enterprise client you can cache maps (or even use your own custom maps) and work offline via backup modem(s) and SMS connection even if there is no Internet connection available.

This enables you to track your fleet even in the most challenging network environment. The T23 unit is able to store up to 1 MB of event history, which is more than 20 000 events. Once the device is back in data (online) network coverage area, all the GPRS data will be transmitted to the server. The data transmitted is encrypted and compressed for security and minimal data consumption. This can be even less than 3MB /month with a special low-consumption reporting profile.

Tramigo Main Benefits for Large Fleets

  • Track your fleet realtime – online and offline, whenever and wherever without any license or usage payments to Tramigo
  • Setup your own server and hosting and be fully independent and in control of all your valuable data
  • Use offline maps and landmarks or your own integrated custom maps and custom landmarks
  • Have up to 1000 custom zones for receiving delivery information, setting up no-go zones or general checkpoint alarms
  • Stop unauthorized trips, reduce fuel use, monitor idle times, speed alarms, odometer values and vehicle usage statistics
  • Monitor all vehicles, personnel or valuable assets from one unified control center
  • Have simultaneous access from multiple clients, web interface and mobile devices with fully configurable user access levels
  • Export all data or any monthly or weekly summary report for analysis or directly to your company ERP system
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