Professional Fleet Security & Tracking

Built for demanding enterprise level fleet management and designed for 24V heavy trucks and equipment and built with military grade components. The T23 Fleet Security Pro with embedded intelligence included can operate even without the internet

The most trusted gps tracking device by governments & public sector

T23 Fleet Key Features

Geofencing to detect
unauthorized vehicle
use / detours

Ignition detection and
disabling (optional)

Periodic reporting
based on time or
distance traveled

GPS anti-jamming
features to remove
interference from up
to 8 jammers

Power reporting to
detect disconnection /
low vehicle bat

Motion detection to
secure parked
vehicles & unguarded

Landmark data for
easy navigation even
when maps are

Analog sensors, e.g.
for fuel and voltage

SOS button to send out
vehicle location during

Speed reporting to
improve driving habits

Multiple 1-wire
sensors, e.g. Driver ID
and Temperature

Idle alarm to detect
unattended running

Monitor your Vehicles' Statuses

Conveniently follow up on your vehicles’ maintenance schedules with the T23’s odometer engine hours, as well as monitor the engines’ or compartments’ temperatures with the temperature sensor. All statistics, e.g. total trips, distance traveled, average
speeds, etc., can be automatically compiled into reader-friendly visuals and reports!

Fuel Monitoring & management

Tramigo fuel monitoring and management solutions is a cost-effective solution that works perfectly with Tramigo T23 Fleet Security Pro which includes high-performance components, for professional fleet management and monitoring in exceptionally challenging operational environments

Tramigo T23 Security Pro Technical Data