TLD – Tramigo Landmark Data

Tramigo turns difficult coordinates and complicated maps into language that everybody anywhere can read and understand –
Landmarks are common geographical language that everyone is able to speak and understand anywhere in the world.

Instant Location Understanding

Tramigo Landmark Data (TLD) is exclusively available in Tramigo tracking devices. Every Tramigo includes built-in Tramigo Landmarks, which help users locate their Tramigo by utilizing practical and easy-to-understand local landmarks. A Tramigo user does not need to understand or study complicated maps and coordinates, just local landmarks. Tramigo landmarks are updated several times per year and are available for every country in the world.

Everybody Understands TLD Landmarks

Since most people understand local landmarks better than traditional and complex maps, Tramigo landmarks make usage of
tracking so easy and fast that anybody, anywhere in the world, can really benefit and enjoy using Tramigo tracking device.

TLD includes commonly known local landmarks that are carefully selected and updated to provide the best possible local
understanding for Tramigo use.


Tramigo Landmarks Data is available everywhere in the world in your language.

TLD includes: All cities, towns and villages + plenty of information-rich points of interest data, such as hotels, schools, hospitals, post offices, churches, shopping malls, passenger terminals, major interchanges, gasoline stations, government services, tourist attractions, toll gates, sport arenas, etc.

Tramigo valso has a Marine TLD version that is designed for exclusive marine use. TLD Marine provides detailed landmarks for coastal areas, and includes plenty of useful and practical information for marine tracking in coastal areas.

A Tramigo user can also add their own landmarks to complete TLD for the best possible personal, community and commercial usage.

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