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Tramigo Restores a Man’s Happiness

When Mr. Thompson, a senior civil servant in a Southern State in Nigeria, bought his first car, little did he know that some professional car snatchers were on his trail.

Mr. Thompson, 36, said he bought the car, a Toyota Camry 2008 model, with a loan he collected from his cooperative society to be paid over a period of 3years. Just after the purchased of the car, a good friend of his introduced him to one of our distributors in State. He was able to purchase the Tramigo car tracking device which was installed that same day.

Two weeks after the installation, on his way home, armed robbers snatched the car from him at gun point. Soon after they left him, Mr. Thompson used his phone to disable the engine of the car. He immediately called the police who swung into action to retrieve the stolen car.

In his word, Mr. Thompson said that he would forever be grateful to his friend who introduced him to Tramigo tracking device, because he would have regretted buying the car. The wife was full of praises for Tramigo and wished every car owner in the country would have tramigo installed in their car so that they can experience peace of mind.

No Monthly Fees with Tramigo

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“What I love about my Tramigo is that once I bought it, it was all mine”, says Mr. Abdullah of Dubai. “There are no monthly fees to pay to some service provider. All the information is in the device itself. I don’t have to worry that the company will suddenly decide to pull out of the market, as has happened with some of the other electronic gadgets I’ve bought in the past. This distinction also makes the Tramigo system unique amongst the tracking devices I’ve seen. I only pay for the SMS messages sent and received. That’s it! It’s so easy to use. It doesn’t involve hard-to-interpret maps, but has easy-to-understand detailed landmarks nationwide and even covers neighboring countries. Plus the addplace-function allows also the user to add his or her own essential landmarks, like Home, the Office, Mum’s House, you name it. It’s simple, functional and adds an extra level of security to our lives.”

Extra Level of Security Brings Peace of Mind

Mexico City

“My kids are pretty responsible” says Mrs. Rosa Mendez of Mexico City, “But still, it’s always reassuring to be able to check on where exactly they are, especially when they have borrowed my BMW! Sometimes they say they will be home by 12 p.m., and it gets to 12.30 and I start to worry, but I don’t want to call them up in case they think I’m just being silly. Now I can check and find out where they are. Tramigo just gives me the necessary peace of mind that they are on their way home.”

Tramigo the Answer for Small Business Operators


For Joseph Fang of Kuala Lumpur, saving up and buying his fourth taxi is the road to financial independence. It has been a struggle but now the income from his small fleet is almost equal what he earns as a warehouse manager. Soon he should be able to retire. Using Tramigo has allowed him to ensure that his drivers are on the job and not taking a nap in a side street. Moreover, during the day he can check the journey reports from each car and being able to monitor locations, speed and even idle times. And if, in a worst-case scenario, a driver has a serious problem, he can even useTramigo as a backup phone and call him! For small fleet owners, rental vehicles, security or delivery operators among others, who need a simple and cost-efficient monitoring and tracking solution, Tramigo is the answer.

Keeping Tabs with Tramigo

Jakarta, Indonesia

“When I’m at the office or at a business meeting, I was never quite sure what my driver was up to with my car”, says Phillip Wong from Jakarta. “Rather than trying to keep a log of the odometer (which I never remember to do), now I get an automated journey report from my Tramigo and I know exactly where he’s been. And if he takes the kids to school, I can easily see if he has been speeding – something I’ve always been concerned about if no-one is there to keep an eye on him!”

Keeping One Step Ahead of Carjackers

Johannesburg, South Africa

“The great thing about Tramigo”, enthused Michael Grant of Johannesburg, “is that if my car is ever carjacked or stolen, I can still track its whereabouts even if the thief has my keys. This is because Tramigo is entirely separate from any of the other security devices attached to the car and thieves aren’t aware that Tramigo is onboard. I can use my mobile phone to keep track of the vehicle, then alert the police and keep them up to date on its movements. This greatly increases the chances that I will get the car back intact. And the panic button is a great feature. If I’m in the car when the carjack occurs, I can discreetly send out a message to let someone know that an emergency is taking place!”

Tracking Any Type of Vehicle


“I’ve been collecting vintage motorcycles for years”, says Roger Browne of Melbourne. “What I find so useful about Tramigo is that if I take a bike to a show, or even if I just take it for a cruise to the coast, I can simply transfer Tramigo to the bike I’m planning to use on the day – it’s so convenient! While I don’t like to let a bike out of my sight while I’m out and about, it’s reassuring to know that I can always keep track of it with my mobile phone if it should suddenly disappear.”

Tramigo Easy to Use in Any Environment

Saudi Arabia

“When my husband takes the car out into the desert to visit his Bedouin friends, I’m always worried that he will get lost, or that a sandstorm might come and the desert will swallow him up”, says Mrs. Faatina bin Ammar Al-Wahed of Jeddah. “Now with Tramigo, I know I can use my mobile phone to find out where he is. Plus it’s easy to use because I don’t have to deal with a map, which frankly I find rather confusing. The text message of the vehicle’s location in relation to adjacent towns or other important landmarks makes the whole process so simple!”

Portability a Key Feature of Tramigo

New Zealand

“When my husband goes up to our summer house”, explained Mrs. Wendy McDonald of New Zealand, “he can transfer Tramigo from his car to his Range Rover and even take it out on his boat when he goes fishing! All I have to do is check my mobile phone and within seconds I know exactly where he is. And he was so impressed with Tramigo, now he’s bought one for the boat so that he can check if there has been any unauthorized usage of the vessel when he’s back in town.”

Tramigo has valuable security application for business


“Purchasing several Tramigo units was a no-brainer for us”, confided contractor Sam Chew of Malaysia. “It is not unknown in the construction industry for large pieces of equipment to vanish from construction sites overnight, as recently happened in KL when two excavators were stolen from the North-South Expressway project. Not only does the loss drive up the cost of our insurance premiums, but it can be hugely inconvenient to try to replace a vital piece of machinery in a hurry. It can bring a whole project to a standstill! With Tramigo unit attached, it allows us to start tracking a missing vehicle or machine as soon as we discover it gone, while greatly increasing the chance that the police will help us get it back very quickly. The police were able to recover the two excavators within five hours! The deterrent value to the industry is also likely to be incalculable once thieves realize that the risk of getting caught has been greatly enhanced by this wonderful new technology.”