Android Recovery Mode

Android Recovery Mode

Tramigo has announced the launch of an updated version of its M1 Move application for Android platform, incorporating a unique recovery feature: Recovery Mode.

This incorporates several changes to the original with the key addition being the ability when in Recovery Mode of visually seeing the target vehicle marked on a map, whilst also showing your own position through the use of your Android phones inbuilt GPS sensor. In addition, distance to target and closing speed are also shown, all the while being updated as you track down and recover the target vehicle.

Recovery Mode will prove to be an essential tool for fleet recovery service providers as well as individuals attempting to recover their stolen vehicles.



The key features of M1 Move app for Android are:

  • Total fleet management from anywhere at any time
  • Easy to use menu based navigation for all functions
  • See all your vehicles on the same map
  • Live tracking and cache mode available
  • Zone alarms (geo-fencing), speed alerts, movement alerts, ignition on/off detection, fuel usage summary
  • Remote vehicle immobilization
  • Recovery mode
  • Operates even without Internet and maps using TLD’s (Tramigo Landmark Data) giving you instant understanding of the vehicles’ location and makes maps faster and easier to understand.

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