Get Yourself Acquainted with the Car GPS System in the Philippines

Many fleet owners are already installing car GPS in the Philippines to help them in efficiently managing their vehicles and their staff. By incorporating a car GPS system in their day to day operations, they are able to keep track of their deliveries in real time. Aside from this basic function, there are many other reasons why using car GPS in the Philippines as a fleet management solution is always a good idea.

  • Historical reports

This is probably one of the best features of GPS trackers. The device automatically records all the trips and stores event histories to the server—or in the unit itself in case there’s no internet connection. Thus, it’s okay even if you cannot monitor your fleet real-time. After all, you can check the historical reports later. You’ll see the summary of all trips made, which is presented graphically on the map. The total kilometers travelled by each vehicle, including the engine time, average speed, as well as stops along the way are recorded.

  • Over speeding reports

This feature provides information about your staff’s driving habits. You’ll know when and where the driver exceeded the speed limit. By getting this information, you will not only correct bad driving habits but also help your drivers avoid accidents and costly repairs. Which is a benefit of acquiring a car GPS in the Philippines.

  • Power reporting and SOS button

Your staff can inform you right away in case they need assistance on the road by pressing the SOS button of the unit. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to detect disconnected or problematic vehicle batteries through power reporting feature.

Whatever the size of your fleet, you’ll surely benefit from using car GPS in the Philippines. With the innovative tracking devices and advanced fleet management server software, you can seamlessly monitor your vehicles, access history, as well as get the most important reports. All these will directly affect your business’ efficiency and productivity. Get started with your car GPS system now with the help of professional and experienced supplier.