Nothing compares to the worry that parents face when they handover the car keys to their teenager for his/her first drive. You don’t know which roads the car will go to, you don’t know how fast it will get there. How would you know if your teen isn’t speeding around the highways or has decided to pay a visit to a shady part of town with their friends? To resolve the woes of every parent-to-a-teen, the tech world came up with the system of GPS trackers. These trackers can be placed inside any vehicle to record data like where the vehicle has been, if it was going at unsafe speeds and where the car is right now on a real-time basis – amazing isn’t it! So, if you are facing the same situation and are planning to buy a GPS vehicle tracker for your car, this blog post will definitely prove to be useful to you. Here is a brief explanation of the different types GPS vehicle trackers that are available in the market, so you can make the right choice for your needs.

Type #1: Passive GPS tracking system

This is a kind of device which you place in or on a vehicle and forget about it. This device would then record the data as discussed previously, and save it onto a storage medium like a hard drive. The data stays on the vehicle until it is extracted. There is no system of transmitting this data to a centralized hub or anything. This is the simplest form of tracking.

Type #2: Real time tracking system

This is what you need if you wish to keep a strict eye on your fleet of vehicles. Real time GPS tracking allows you to “see” where your vehicles are at all times. The system records data and sends the feed to a central computer or mobile device. You would know instantly if one of your vehicles takes a wrong turn. It all works like a moving picture.

Select the best system for your business/home depending on how much you wish to know about your vehicle.

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