How Much Is A GPS Car Tracker Is Useful in The Crowded Philippines

GPS technology is now a critical tool for fleet managers, and if you are one, it makes sense to invest in high-quality devices to maintain control of every vehicle that is used in your business. A high-quality GPS car tracker can help you manage your fleet well. Moreover, when your drivers know that they are being monitored, they may be less likely to stray from their routes or take personal trips on the side. Here are more reasons why this device can be useful to your business in the Philippines:

  • Comes with Geofencing – If you are concerned about your drivers taking detours and using your fleet for personal reasons, the GPS car tracking device can help you verify or debunk your fears. The geofencing feature lets you detect detours and unauthorized vehicle use. This feature may help you control break times, too.
  • It offers hands-free audio and remote listening capabilities – The push of a button lets you communicate with a control center.
  • Increase safety on the road – The GPS tracker has reporting tools that can help you detect a bad vehicle battery or disconnection. Motion detection delivers SMS alert to secure unguarded assets and parked vehicles, while speed reporting will provide information to correct and identify driver behavior and prevent bad driving habits. Running engines can be detected with an idle alarm, and fuel use can be monitored, too, so you have an idea on fuel consumption and costs.
  • Anti-jamming – This feature eliminates interference from up to eight GPS jammers.
  • Get periodic reports – Data can be based on the distance or time traveled. The GPS tracker’s multiple 1-wire sensors can provide info on temperature and the driver’s ID, and an idle alarm lets you detect any running engine. You could monitor the speed of each fleet, too, and use landmark data to easily locate the vehicles, even when maps are not available.