A Revolutionized Way to Keep Track of Your Vehicle in the Philippines: GPS Tracker

Before GPS vehicle trackers in the Philippines became popular, fleet owners used to monitor their vehicles through radio receivers. Though effective and easy to use, radio receivers aren’t fully equipped with features needed for efficient fleet management. This is one of the many reasons why GPS trackers for cars were quickly adapted by the most successful businesses. Aside from providing detailed information about the location, they come with innovative features that make fleet management easier and more convenient. These include the following:

  • Alerts

Some GPS trackers even send instant notifications to owners via email or SMS in case the owner is not logged in. They inform you every time the driver starts and ends a trip. Aside from this, you will also get alerts real time when the driver overspeeds or when he or she exits and enters the Geofence.

  • Real-Time Tracking

GPS vehicle trackers in the Philippines receive signals from satellites to pinpoint the exact location of vehicles accurately. They display real-time information on the map, including the geographical location and current speed. You will also know if the vehicle is running or parked.

  • Summary Reports

It’s okay if you cannot track the vehicles real time because the GPS device records all the trips made for your checking later. The history and summary of all trips are presented graphically on the map. You will know the kilometres travelled by the vehicle, engine time, average speed, and even the number of stops. What’s more, you can also retrieve information about your driver’s driving habits. The number of times he or she exceeded the speed limit is also highlighted on the map.

GPS trackers in the Philippines are not only for fleet owners. They are also beneficial for individual car owners. To meet the needs of different consumers, trusted brands create various types of GPS trackers. Whether you own a fleet or a personal car, you will surely find the right GPS tracker that suit your requirements.