Top 5 Intimidating Features to Look for in a Car GPS Tracking Device

Today’s GPS tracking device for cars do more than just give you the exact location of your vehicles. They have been upgraded with new features so that they can be more reliable on the road. If the GPS tracking device for cars that you are considering buying doesn’t have any of these features, move on and look for another model.

  1. Motion detectors

GPS trackers now have motion detectors to help you better protect your vehicle from theft and unauthorized use. Upon detection of forced entry or suspicious vehicle movement, the GPS tracker sends a notification to you via SMS or email.

  1. Free user interface tracking system

Some brands of GPS trackers don’t require monthly subscriptions; you can keep on tracking your devices real-time through any third-party prepaid or postpaid SIM. The data reporting is done via SMS message, eliminating the need for wireless internet connections when tracking. You don’t need to pay for monthly subscription fees to access the control center, too.

  1. GPS anti-jamming features

Losing your signal can mean losing your car.  To avoid this situation, choose a GPS tracking device for cars that have anti-jamming features. Some models also automatically inform owners when signal jamming happens.

  1. Remote engine disable

A stolen car is easier to find with the help of this amazing feature. In fact, by remotely disabling your car’s engine right after you receive a notification, you can even prevent thieves from driving away.

  1. Built-in odometer

Fleet managers need to stay on top of maintenance schedules. Fortunately, there are trackers with built-in odometers. They don’t only keep records of maintenance schedules but also vehicle usage statistics, including distance travelled and average speeds. Odometers provide data that can be used to monitor operational costs.

Not all GPS trackers come complete with essential features that you will find useful. Don’t worry. If you are buying from a reputable supplier, then you can be confident that they will help you find the right unit.