Top 5 Reasons to Buy Tramigo GPS Trackers

Nowadays, the Global positioning system (GPS) tracking device is one of the paramount gadgets that is being used by a wide range of travel associated industries right from food service to construction business. Still there are few trackers which reach the market with heavy advertisements but in reality fail to fulfil the purposes. Here is what you need to know about the top 5 reasons to purchase Tramigo GPS trackers.

# 1 – Multilingual tracker – There are many low-standard trackers which come with poorly designed interface software, and the worst part is that the users have to make use of long alphanumeric commands in order to get the vehicle’s location. Tramigo GPS tracker is multilingual and the users can make use of SMS command in simple English language to receive the location details.

# 2 – Offline functionalities – Some trackers expect the user to stay 24/7 online or to sign up an account to get the tracking details which has many practical difficulties. Tramigo GPS tracker does not require internet access, instead it has mobile supportive software to receive all the updates or it can be customized in such a way to receive only important alerts.

# 3 – Trustworthy services – A low grade tracker will not offer a timely help for the users when they face any issues with products and their services. Authenticated Tramigo GPS trackers guarantee their clientele with top-tier devices and components with least defect rate. Tramigo also offers 24 month warranty and 24/7 customer support to troubleshoot the issues.

# 4 – Clear landmarks – A simple dot representation on a map would make the users to get confused about the location. But Tramigo GPS tracker offers TLD landmark service which translates cryptic GPS coordinates into exact locations for better understanding.

# 5 – Free from monthly rentals – Users, when opting for service contracts or purchase devices have to be careful because the confidential data will be shared over the internet to any third party and sometimes due to server issues, the device becomes inactive. Whereas Tramigo GPS tracker can exclusively provide the service without any monthly rentals or license payment instead it costs only for the SMS or GPRS data that is being shared.

When decided to purchase the tracker, the individuals will be overwhelmed with too many products in the market. These are the top 5 reasons that clearly state why Tramigo GPS tracker is bought and always being the choice of entrepreneurs from various industries.

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