What are the Risks of Not Tracking Your Driver Fleet?

When it comes to enhancing your fleet’s performance, you need data about drivers and vehicles. Fleet tracking devices installed in trailers and cars can give you an abundance of information about your fleet’s performance.

With small fleet tracking solutions, you can manage your fleet at any time, track driving habits, control costs, and monitor your vehicles at all times. However, when you don’t employ fleet tracking devices, you leave your company open to numerous hazards. That can affect both your bottom line and the safety of fleet drivers.

Here are some risks of fleet driving without tracking:

  1. A Reduction in Productivity

Your fleet’s productivity can suffer if you don’t track it. A drop in productivity will mean less revenue for your business, as well as a lower level of client satisfaction.

By tracking your fleet, you can plan the most efficient routes. More suitable routes and increased productivity means your clients will be satisfied with your delivery.

  1. A Rise in Unsafe Behaviors

Injuries can result from unsafe driving behaviors, such as speeding and hard braking. In the absence of a fleet tracker, you can’t monitor driver speed and behavior. That will more likely lead to unsafe driving practices.

  1. More Fuel and Maintenance Costs

With fleet tracking solutions, you can view your drivers’ speeds, which is essential for safety. It can also help you save money on fuel. These solutions will also help you keep an eye on your drivers and their driving habits.

Speeding and hard braking cause more wear and tear on a vehicle. Thus, not monitoring unsafe behaviors can lead to higher repair and maintenance bills.

  1. Theft Possibility

If you don’t keep tabs on your fleet, chances are your vehicles might go missing. Tracking solutions allow you to receive regular updates on the vehicles’ locations. Since the trackers use modern technology to locate the fleet, it is simple to retrieve a vehicle when it’s stolen. Once you locate it, you can immediately report the theft to the police.

  1. Delays

Due to traffic mishaps and car accidents, your fleet may take longer than expected to reach their destinations. Tracking solutions can help you anticipate delays and provide traffic-related incidents.

Your business can incur high costs due to delays, as lost work time and project delays affect the bottom line. But when a dispatcher uses GPS tracking, they can detect traffic issues or weather patterns and reroute their vehicle to ensure on-time arrival.

  1. Reputational Damage to your Business

Delivering your products and services on time is essential to keep your current clients happy. At the same time, it is vital to convince your potential clients that your business is worth working with. Thus, keep track of your fleet to protect your company’s reputation.

Your business will look good when you hire experienced and professional drivers. It will translate into more sales and higher revenue in the long run. That will result in an increase in your bottom line and having more satisfied customers.

The Bottom Line

You can monitor drivers’ behavior and improve your on-time rate by employing small fleet tracking solutions.