Why Should Every Fleet Manager Use Mobile-Based Large Fleet Tracking Solutions?

Only a fleet manager can understand how challenging it is to keep track of large fleets and have real-time information on the whereabouts of fleet drivers, vehicles, and their work schedules. But this has now become very easy to manage with mobile large fleet tracking solutions. This is just the thing that you need to work more efficiently, stay well-informed all the time, and reduce operational costs wherever possible.

Until recently, this kind of technology was available only as expensive computer-based software. Fortunately, all that has changed for good! With the combined power of enhanced capabilities of modern smartphones and the development of mobile apps, fleet tracking have become more manageable and affordable.

Use Fleet Management Apps for Large Fleet Tracking

The modern transportation market is getting more competitive than ever. Thus, to stay on the edge of the competition, you will need the right large fleet tracking solutions. These solutions will help solve fleet management issues, reduce costs, and monitor the location of your vehicles. Even if you are reticent as a fleet manager, you can still use these solutions because they help you save time, improve the overall credibility, and stay updated with fleet driver routes and locations in real-time.

You might think that these kinds of solutions are too expensive or complicated to use. Well, that was true before the introduction of mobile fleet tracking solutions. A few years ago, implementing high-tech software to track the driver activity, location, and routes was very costly and complex. The good news is that it is no longer the same.

A good fleet tracking solution is not only affordable but also easy to use. It allows you to track your fleet and monitor driver activities and routes without investing a huge amount of money.

How Do I Track and Monitor a Large Fleet?

For managing a large fleet, you can use the T23 Fleet Security Pro tracking device along with the M1 Fleet Enterprise software. The device determines the location by GPS satellites and uses easy-to-understand landmarks to communicate the location. On the other hand, the server software hosts your fleet data and provides you with simultaneous access. For monitoring, you can use a regular mobile phone to send and receive text messages.

This way, you can not only monitor your large fleet, but you can also cache maps and work even offline through a backup modem and SMS connection. As a result, you will be able to track and manage your fleet when working even in the most challenging network environment.

How Does a Mobile Large Fleet Tracking Solution Can Help You?

Using a mobile large fleet tracking solution can help more than allowing you to track your fleet and driver locations. It can display the information on a map on your mobile phone and provide a visual pinpoint of driver location on the map. Besides, you can also get information on pickup and delivery times as well. This way, you can prevent unauthorized trips, reduce fuel use, and monitor idle times, speed alarms, odometer values, and vehicle usage statistics.

So, if you are in charge of managing a large fleet, don’t hesitate to use a large fleet tracking solution to optimize fleet routes, driving schedules, increase productivity, and lower operational costs.