How to Find the Best GPS Tracker in the Cebu City?

Vehicle fleet management in the Philippines is easier with a GPS car tracking system. How does such a system work? Simply install car tracking devices in your company vehicles, set up the corresponding software and install them in your computer and other devices, then start monitoring your fleet.

Professional car tracking devices in the Philippines‌‌ come with GPS software to further help owners manage their fleet effectively and efficiently. Aside from pointing you the exact locations of your vehicles, these devices can also provide historical reports, send critical messages, monitor driving habits, and help you communicate with your drivers.

GPS tracking devices in the Philippines‌‌ for fleet management aren’t all created the same, of course. Here’s a guide to help you find the tracking devices that meet the needs and requirements of your business.

Size of your fleet

Providers of vehicle fleet management in the Philippines offer different solutions for different fleet sizes. Small fleet trackers are easy to install and use. More often, you don’t have to do a complicated server setup. You can access the interface using any device like your phone or computer through the software provided. Large fleet trackers need a more advanced GPS tracking system to monitor and manage vehicles. The devices must be connected to the server to simultaneously transmit the most important reports and alarms.

Hardware type

GPS trackers also vary in terms of hardware type. Some units are plug-and-play devices that are easy to install. They draw power straight from the vehicles. They never need to be removed, unless necessary, for they can be remotely controlled. Other units require more complicated installation steps because they come with various sensors that send information to the server or control center.


The best vehicle fleet management system has the right features that your business needs. It doesn’t make sense to buy devices and pay monthly subscription fees if you don’t get to maximise all the features offered by the GPS system. Generally, all kinds of business benefit from features such as SMS alerts, geofencing, motion detection, speed reporting, and power reporting.