How to Use Car GPS: 3 Tips for Keeping Drivers Safe During Stormy Weather

As a fleet manager, one of your top priorities is to keep your drivers safe, especially during stormy weather. That’s why it makes sense to invest in car GPS in the Philippines. It’s no news that inclement weather can be a logistics a nightmare; it doesn’t just disrupt business operations but also endangers your drivers’ lives. Installing car GPS in the Philippines makes it easier to manage and keep your fleet protected while on the road. Here are three ways you can use GPS trackers to ensure the safety of your drivers in stormy weather.

1. Get speed updates

Road accidents happen when the road is slippery due to heavy rains. To keep your drivers safe on the road, it’s important to keep track of their driving speeds. Some GPS trackers can send you alerts every time a certain driver goes beyond the speed limit. With this information at hand, you can remind and warn your drivers to be extra careful to avoid accidents.

2. Monitor their status in real-time

Commercial car GPS in the Philippines come complete with fleet management software and tracking solutions, allowing for real-time information to be sent directly to your computer or mobile device. By simply monitoring where your drivers are, you will know if they are in safe areas or might be in danger. These devices also come with remote listen and handsfree audio features, making it possible for your drivers to communicate to your control centre and report their current condition. In case they get stranded because of heavy rains and flooding, they can inform you immediately in a single push of a button.

3. Send assistance immediately

If your driver gets stranded due to the storm, lack of fuel, or engine troubles, he or she can report the situation immediately. GPS trackers also come with SOS buttons that drivers can push the moment they are in need of assistance. Since you know the vehicle’s location, you can send help as soon as you get the message.