Vital Factors for Effective Vehicle Fleet Management in the Philippines

It can be challenging to manage a fleet by yourself, regardless of the number of vehicles you own. However, there are devices and tools that you can consider adding to your assets in order to improve your vehicle fleet management in the Philippines. Solutions include the use of GPS fleet management devices and vehicle tracking devices to help you monitor fuel consumption, keep your drivers, goods, and fleet secure, monitor speeds and driver behaviour, and improve communication with your staff. However, not all GPS fleet management solutions are alike, so you need to make sure that yours has the following features:

  • Geofencing – Look for a GPS tracking device that can notify you about detours and unauthorised use of your vehicles. Geofencing is a feature that can let you set the routes and boundaries of your vehicles, so you can be sure that your fleet will go only where it should be going.
  • Motion detection – This feature will send you an SMS alert to secure unguarded assets and parked vehicles.
  • SOS – In case you need assistance, you only need to push a button and help will be on its way. The GPS system should help your staff or the authorities find your exact location.
  • Anti-jamming – This can eliminate any interference to your GPS from up to eight jammers.
  • Reporting – Effective vehicle fleet management in the Philippines includes tools that will let you identify and correct poor driving habits, like speeding. Reporting should be periodic in terms of the distance and time travelled, too. And in case an engine is left running, an idle alarm will be activated.
  • Accurate GPS positioning – This feature should come with GSM and GPRS communication, and landmark data to enable easy location when maps are not available.