Can GPS Tracking Devices Keep Your Children Safe? Here Is Your Answer

Monitoring your kids can be hard if you are a working parent. Fortunately, there are GPS tracking devices in the Philippines that can be used for this purpose. Installing a personal GPS tracker in your car can be a great way to stay updated on your children’s whereabouts and minimize your worries. Here’s how Tramigo—a brand of personal GPS tracker in the Philippines—can help ensure your kids’ safety.

24/7 tracking

Going away from your kids for a few days? Want to keep yourself informed whether they have safely arrived at their school and come home? Not a problem. Your trusty personal Tramigo GPS tracker will send real-time updates directly to your phone. This also means you can actively monitor and secure your vehicle or personal asset from where you are.

Offline monitoring

Tramigo Philippines is one of the most popular and trusted brands of trackers. They cater to small and large fleet companies as well as private car owners. The great thing about their devices is that you don’t have to stay connected to the internet to get updates. You can receive reports even if you are offline as they will send them via SMS. No need to log into websites or call your driver to ask where your kid is.

Vehicle speed reporting

This is definitely one of the most important features of a vehicle tracker. If you know the driver or your teenager has gone over the set speed limit, you can immediately call and give reminders and pointers on their driving habits. This will keep your driver and your teenager in check.


This feature allows you to set allowed zones and banned or restricted areas. Whenever your kid goes out of the allowed zones or enters a restricted area, you will be notified immediately. You’ll know if your rules are broken right away. More importantly, this feature gives you peace of mind.

Tramigo GPS Trackers are available in the Philippines through L.A. Car Accessories in 3 different cities namely: Manila, Cebu City and Davao City. for more information.